Conscious Conceptions~~ I believe it is of utmost importance for our children to be conceived on purpose and in love then birthed in the most gentle and loving atmosphere. I coach a class on Conscious Conception. It teaches women how to conceive at the best time and to get the sex of the baby right, the personality and attributes of that baby. When this is done that particular male or female baby with those attributes will be drawn toward you. Sounds interesting I know. Just give it a chance and see what the outcome will be. I dare you!!!

In addition to this class I teach about, Trimester 1, Trimester 2, Trimester 3, and Post Baby. These classes are very enlightening as well as entertaining. You will be very well informed about your body and the birth you will be having. All these classes are 3 months in duration and one on one contact. I will coach them as a grouping or individually. It is your choice. Questions, interaction and answers are welcomed. Interestingly, I have had moms remark to me after they have had 3, 4, 5, or more children they learned more from their first home birth than ever before. Come along and check it out and lets have fun together!!! 

Coaching and learning at its best!!!