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Midwives and home birth have been around for as long as the herstory of woman and man kind. Known as a safe and gentle way of birthing our babies. Together with Dixie you are guided in a safe, positive and gentle birthing experience. You get to do it your way!


Welcome to my website I want you to become familiar with me, what I do, from being a conscious conception coach and home birth support to how I practice conscious living. I think the better we know each other the better experience you will have in life with your birthing process.

I have been catching babies since 1978. So yes I am an Elder midwife! I started in California then moved to Utah and from there back to Las Vegas where I was raised. So the majority of my midwifery has been here in Las Vegas. We have 7 children,3 of whom were birthed in the hospital and 4 birthed at home! I had very good experiences with all my choices of birth places!

We now have 22 grandchildren, the majority of whom have been birthed at home.

You, your partner, your baby and your family are the stars in this experience.

Confidence in and knowledge about your health and your health practitioner is key to a good experience.

Educating yourself about the changes your body will go through and the process of birth and breastfeeding will help you to better have a good experience. I provide plenty of knowledge through articles, experience and my time.

Your visit will be about 45 minutes to 1 hour in which you will be asking questions, getting answers and experiencing an essential oil massage at 8 months, hypno birthing and breathing exercises.

If you are planning a water birth, a first time mother, or having a vaginal birth after a cesarean section you can feel confident together we can help you achieve a good, safe experience.

Please read all that you are interested in and you can email me to ask a question or make an appointment for a FREE consulttion. I am exited to get to know you and possibly meet one another.

Mission Statement

To empower a mother to recognize the innate knowledge of her body to give birth naturally.

To support mothers to give birth to their babies in a loving, natural, peaceful, and joyous atmosphere of their choosing.

To feel her ultimate strength, embody love and to channel the energy of the Universe.

To continue on in her life as a Mother who nurtures and cares for her family with love, compassion, sensitivity, joy and a kind heart.

This is the ultimate experience in our lives as women lets embrace it!


The largest scientific study comparing outcome of home birth versus hospital birth is Dr. Lewis Mehl and associates “Home Birth Versus Hospital Birth: Comparisons of Outcomes of Matched Populations.”

In the study, 1046 home births were compared with 1046 hospital births of equivalent populations in the U.S. For each home birth patient, a hospital - delivered patient was matched for age, parity, length of gestation, risk, education, socioeconomic status, race, presentation of the baby, and other individual factors. The home birth populations had trained attendants and prenatal care.

The study shows a three times greater likelihood of Cesarean birth if couples planned birth in a hospital instead of at home with hospital backup. The hospital population experienced twenty times greater incidence of forceps, twice as much use of oxytocin to accelerate or induce labor, greater use of analgesia and anesthesia, and nine times greater incidence of episiotomy (while at the same time having more severe tears in need of major repair.

The hospital sample experienced six times more infant distress in labor, five times more cases of marginal high blood pressure, and three times greater incidence of postpartum hemorrhage. There was four times more infection among the newborn; three times more babies needed help to begin breathing.

While the hospital sample has thirty cases of birth injuries, including skull fractures, facial nerve palsies, brachial nerve injuries and severe cephalohematomas (bleeding on the brain), there were no such injuries at home.

The infant death rate of their study was low in both cases and essentially the same. There were no maternal deaths for either home or hospital. The main differences were in the significant improvement of the mother’s and baby’s health if the couple planned a home birth, and this was true despite the fact that the home birth statistics of the study included those couples who began labor at home but ultimately needed to be transferred to the hospital.

-excerpted from “The Five Standards for Safe Childbearing,” by NAPSAC International, P.O. Box 428, Marble Hill, MO 63764 U.S.A.